was established in 1985 by Dr. Kim Deuk-hwang,

who is founder of Eastern Social Welfare Society, Inc., for single mothers, children in need, intellectually disabled children and youth.

We have five social service agencies in the town such as Jacbo’s Home, Eastern Child Rehabilitation Home, Eastern Special School,

Eastern Vocational Training Center,and Child Protective Services,

We Eastern People in each facility are dedicated to provide our clients with appropriate living and decent human life.





➜ Jacob’s Home is long-term care shelter for infants and toddlers who are separated from their families because of abuse or abandonment. We provide stable and loving environment in order to let them feel like home. Till they are three years old, some of children succeed to reunite with their original family, however, most children in Jacob’s home tend to be transferred to other social service facility when they grow up.

➜ Number of Children : 30 / Staff : 31



➜ The Eastern Child Rehabilitation Home is residential facility for intellectually disabled children. The primary goal for them is to let the disabled children be independent members of their own community. Each child is cared with individualized care plan such as medical treatment, physical rehabilitation, and psycho-social service. We also encourage them to enjoy diverse activity such as reading, musical instruments, hiking, photography, etc by yearly based plan.

➜ Number of children : 60 / Staff: 33



➜ Eastern Special School is special education school for intellectually and physically handicapped students to help them live more independently. Everyday 170 students attend the school from kindergarten, elementary, middle, high to vocational training school.

➜ Preschool : early education for 3~5 years old children.

➜ Elementary school : basic life training

➜ Middle school : independent living education and basic work skills.

➜ High school : work skills and social adjustment training.

➜ Vocational training (two years): occupational training (agricultural /bakery/assembling, etc.)

➜ Student number: 170 / Staff: 85



➜ Eastern Vocational Training Center gives handicapped people a place to work while helping them adjust to a community and becoming an independent member of society. For last 15 years, we have provided 30 handicapped workers with more than minimum wages. There three manufacturing divisions such as Business Paper, Bakery, and Assembly Plant.

➜ Number of workers : 31 / Staff: 14



➜Child Protective Services is responsible for providing child protection, which includes responding to reports of child abuse or neglect. Our coverage is both city of Pyeongtaek and Anseong.




We always welcome volunteers from community.

However, there are some simple procedure that you should remember.

➜ Guidelines

– This place is home for people in need. We hope that you will keep etiquette and manner as a guest.

– Sometimes, your visit can be cancelled because of health matters or light epidemics such as flu,

diarrhea, cold, etc.

– We cannot accept more than 15 participants at a time. We do not allow non-adult group.

– If you feel you are not well, please avoid visiting us.

➜ Volunteer Application Procedure : Contact the staff and try to make an appointment to visit first.

Let us know schedule and the number of people you want to visit. Then we will reply as soon as possible.

(For better communication, message or email contact rather than phone call will be preferred.)

➜ Donation

☞ We welcome contribution and goods support.

goods ex> Clothing (clean used clothes, new clothes, shoes, etc.)

Toys (non-pointed, non-nosed), books

Ride (toy horses, bicycles, toy cars, etc.)

Food (cookies, dairy products, beverages, snacks, etc.)